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5 Dirty Secrets :: Laundry Room Organization

I was in the process of writing a blog post on organizing the laundry room when I found an excellent article that covered everything I wanted to say with pretty pictures! Britanny Blum was spot on with her 5 Dirty Secrets to organizing a laundry room; including a work space, drying area, and cleaning supply storage. My only note to add would be that organizing is personal, so what might look good on pinterest may not work for your family. Consider habits, realistic use, and time before implementing a new system.
I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!

Brittany Blum

Whether you have a small space or a luxurious large laundry room , it is still hard to stay organized and get work done.  Below are my 5 dirty secrets to keeping your laundry room functional and organized.


A few of my favorite laundry rooms:

5 Dirty Secrets :: Laundry Room Organization /

5 Dirty Secrets :: Laundry Room Organization /

5 Dirty Secrets :: Laundry Room Organization

5 Dirty Secrets :: Laundry Room Organization

1. Work Surface is important as that is what you can you can use to fold laundry and sort after it is cleaned. Since I currently have a small laundry room, I have to carry my clothes to my room and sort on my bed. A nice table / work surface in any laundry room will add to the ease of folding. Plus, you can put the clean clothes right back in the bins of who they belong to and they can come pick their own clean clothes up from the laundry room and put back in their own drawers.

This work surface can…

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