Christmas gift guide by Organizational Specialists

2014 Christmas Gift Guide

In order to making Christmas easier and less cluttered, here are some of my go to Christmas Gifts for everyone on your list!

{For The Person Who Does it All}

Christmas Gifts Numi Tea

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Give them the gift of relaxation and comfort with a tea package from Numi Tea. Organic and fair trade certified, this tea is not only warm and calming but also beautiful to look at.  Prices begin at $8.

{For The Kid You Want Off Of Electronics}

Christmas present by kiwi crate

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Who doesn’t love getting fun mail? Kiwi Crate or Green Kid Crafts offer engaging, entertaining, and inexpensive gifts for children ages 2 to 14.  Starting at $19.95 these are a great gift for a budding artist or aspiring engineer. These kits can be purchased as an ongoing subscription or a one time purchase.

{For the Person with the Large To-Do List}

Christmas gift angie's list

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Beyond helpful, Angie’s List offers project specific recommendations that will save time, money, and your mental health.  Give an annual subscription of this review network starting at $3.75/month and let the experienced professionals take care of everything else.

{For Someone You Want To Get Back In Touch With}

Christmas Gift stationery

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I might be old fashioned but nothing says I want to stay in touch like personalized stationery. My favorite is the type that makes it easy to write and these fill in the blank cards from K Batty Design make it easier than writing a text message. Notevcards start at $4

{For The Adventurous Teen}

Christmas gift zip line kit

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What teenager doesn’t want to hang high in the air while moving at fast speeds?  This zip line kit comes with an on call zip line expert and a one year satisfaction guarantee.  Kits begin at $59.99

{For the Person With Everything}

Christmas Gifts National Geographic

{Photo Credit: National Geographic Magazine}

Sounds like they might need a professional organizer. But if that is not something they would enjoy why not gift them a magazine subscription covering a favorite topic. Barnes and Noble has a great search feature in order to pick the perfect publication.  Can be purchased for electronic or print subscription and there are many choices under $10.

{For the Movie Lover} 

VHS tapes as Christmas Gift Art

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Create a unique wall display using old VHS tape covers of their favorite movies.  This could cost next to nothing if you already have the covers.

And I always say that the best present is your presence, so send a note, make the call, or drop by for a visit. Enjoy!


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