Best Closet Organization Tips

5 Ways To Organize Like You Are In Preschool

It always amazes me how much stuff can fit into one small space!  This closet houses all the music, movement, and P.E. equipment for a private preschool. And while we all might have moved past bean bags and rhythm sticks there are things we can definitely learn about organizing by going back to the basics! 5 best organizing tips

{Avoid the Tuck and Stash} The biggest problem with this closet is that there wasn’t an organizational system to begin with.  Therefore, most people who used this closet would just tuck and stash items wherever there was space.  Avoid the piles that are common with that type of cleanup by creating an organizational system, making it easy for everyone to put things back.

Closet Organization

{A multi-use closet needs an organizational system to stay in shape!}

{Start Fresh} The best way to create an organizational system is to start with everything out of the space you are working in. Whatever space it might be, try removing all the items first. I wish I had taken a picture of everything out of the closet because there is SO MUCH in this closet.   It took way more time to get the items out than it did to put them back in.

{Sort & Store similar items together} By taking everything out, grouping like items together, then putting them back into the closet by use, you will be able to find individual items quickly. In this closet there were cones on every shelf. By storing them together there won’t be any more hunting for that one other box of cones but only finding bean bags. This also helps reduce the impulse purchase of additional items.

Closet Organization

{Use Clear, Covered, Stackable, Square Containers. Photo by}

You might notice that different categories are mixed throughout the closet, there isn’t one specific shelf for music versus P.E. Music and Movement Together

I did this purposefully because, as in most multi-use closets, everyone needs to be able to easily access their most utilized items.  I bring this up because a lot of organizational systems break down if they are too ridge and not maintainable.  The finished closet isn’t perfect but it is perfectly productive and I hope will be flexible enough for all its purposes.

{Use correct containers} We gained so much more space by using taller containers that fit the space perfectly.  Clear containers also make it much easier to find items quickly. Cardboard boxes might be inexpensive in the short term, but if you are buying items because you don’t know what you have, they might end up costing you a lot of money. 5 best organizing tips

{Label} Remember when you had to write your name at the top right corner of every paper? There is something to be said for labeling and uniformity. Most of the previous boxes in the closet were labeled but either it was difficult to see or they weren’t storing what the label said.  My recommendation is make the labels uniform and easy to ready.

There are lots of individual approaches to organizing, don’t let the details or the desire to find the perfect choice stop you from getting started. Organizing is more about purpose than perfection!

Good luck and I would love to hear about your latest projects!

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