When you don’t want to file

Paper clutter can pile up quickly. If filing isn’t your thing, I might recommend using magazine holders, like these from Ikea, to quickly sort your random papers into categories.  This way you have some idea where to look for information and you have a starting point to begin putting papers away.

Filing Paper

The other benefit of this type of organizing is that it is easy for anyone to find information. I use these for instruction manuals, craft ideas, vacation ideas, and home decor.

You can even make these out of cereal boxes. But I don’t recommend that for papers you want to keep long term, due to the fact that the cereal boxes aren’t archival quality.

The important point is that you don’t let those piles of paper build up.  So finding a way to keep the paper sorted into categories and then having a way to keep them sorted is one step closer to removing the clutter from your counter tops while still keeping information readily available.

I would love to hear how you’ve conquered your paper clutter!

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