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Amazon Makes Donating Easy!

Amazon Give Back Box

No longer do you need to have donations piling up, Amazon has made donating simple! All you need to do is add gently used clothing and small household goods to your Amazon shipping box and then visit With your free shipping label, UPS or USPS will deliver the box to the nearest GoodWill.

Not only is this an excellent way to recycle that ubiquitous Amazon box, but it will save you time in getting your donations out the door!


New Uses For Old Things: Pantry Edition

When organizing a pantry I like to start with a clean slate, meaning no food past its expiration date. I know it still might be edible but I want my clients to have such confidence in their newly organized space that they don’t have to think about expired food.  However, I don’t want to be wasteful so here are a few ways to use expired food for non-edible purposes.

Organizing Pantry

{Photo Credit: McCormick Spices}

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America Recycles Day

Because I see so much excess in my job, I truly appreciate unique ways of using everyday items. I love to see someone’s treasure take on new life instead of becoming trash. And in honor of America Recycles Day on November 15th, here are a few of my favorite posts on new uses for old things.

{Kitchen Utensils as Hooks}

Utensils hook

{photo credit: salvage shack}

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New Uses for Old Things: Kitchen Utensils

There are a lot of different uses for all the old cutlery that seems to be passed down, however I wanted to highlight some of ways to use them for organizing.

{photo credit: salvage shack}

{photo credit: salvage shack}

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Jewelry Organization: Simple Solutions for Storing Jewelry

One of my clients had an amazing assortment of jewelry but never wore any of it because it was either too difficult to find the appropriate piece or it had become tangled. Below are some of my simple solutions on how to store jewelry so that it is readily accessible without taking up too much space. Continue reading

Not Necessarily New: Better Uses for Old Things

records on stairs

Since they actually sell the frames for old records in craft supply stores, I don’t think I can claim this as a new use, however it is a better use than in storage. Displaying records as art is a great way to decorate a man cave or family rec room without spending too much money on decorations. CD frames are also available if you want to display cd album covers.

etsy album frame

I still recommend keeping your cds in the event of losing your digital version. CD storage boxes are easier to store sense they can stack and be placed on a shelf. I don’t recommend getting the CD binders because they store less without the cases and are harder to shelve. The boxes are also easier to label based upon type/genre/use.

CD storage box

Would love to hear what items you would like to display!