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Organizing On the Go

Organizing On The Go!

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Organizing the Executive: Create a Reference Library

Executive Organizing

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One of the things we organizers are frequently accused of is trying to throw away important items. However, I would like to counter that we organizers want you to have information that you need, readily available, and pertinent to the situation. This is especially true for Executive offices. And one of the most helpful ways to organize that information is by creating a reference library.

Most executives that I have worked with tend to 1) have large amounts of information at their disposal and 2) have very little knowledge of what or where specific items are kept. Most tend to form piles on the floor/desk/cabinet and hope that they will be able to retrieve it when necessary. Continue reading


A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Ever repeated the location for something so many times you just want to scream the next time someone mentions the words “Where is…”? Or have you had to explain how a process works repeatedly? I love using pictures to explain. It saves time, energy, and can make it so much easier for other people to understand where items belong or how the process works.


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Gearing up for GO Month!

Get Organized New Year

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As Christmas winds down I prepare for my busiest month of the year. For many people, the new year brings a resolve to become more organized.  For that reason, January is deemed “Get Organized” Month by the National Association of Professional Organizers. During the month, I will be covering new topics, including No More To Do Lists!; How to Organize your Desktop: electronic filing organization; and Is it possible to be organized with children? Continue reading

Business Filing System

Managing all the information that a small business generates can be overwhelming. And despite the constant push to go paperless, we aren’t at that point in our information structure to be able to go without a way to manage documents.

I’ve seen lots of different paper management techniques (alphabetical, numerical, alpha-numerical, binders, folders, etc). And although each company is unique, I have found that a customized, color-coded, categorical filing system works best for most small businesses.

Here are a few ways that I recommend setting up your filing system…

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The Home Office: How to make it work for you

I have talked a lot about organizing the home office because I think it is crucial to have a designated space for managing the home and finances.  In Home Office Organization I focused on the basic steps of organizing a home office, whether in a corner of the kitchen or shared space.

Home office

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