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When you don’t want to file

Paper clutter can pile up quickly. If filing isn’t your thing, I might recommend Continue reading

Organized Organization: A project syllabus to keep you on track

One of the reasons I loved college, was on the first day of class every professor would hand out a syllabus.  A nice organized page which contained a brief description of the class, the professors information including office hours, materials needed, and assignment descriptions with deadlines.  The entire class, all on one page. Who doesn’t love that type of organization!?

Project syllabus blank Continue reading

Wake up your work space with a pop of color!

poppin orange

I love the colorful stance Poppin makes on organizing products. The Poppin website is so much fun to look and play with, you can even design your own desk. The website also has a large selection of free printables and projects.
poppin pool blue poppin yellow

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Birthday Calendar

birthday calendar

In honor of an important birthday for a family member, I thought I would remind those around me of other important dates.  Click on the birthday calendar for a free printable to help you remember those special dates. Enjoy!