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My Secret Weapon

At twelve pounds, my organizing kit is not so secret, but it definitely could be a weapon.  Not every organizer feels the need to have 12 lbs of preparation, but I wouldn’t think of leaving home without my Organizing Kit!
Organizing case
I love this briefcase because everything has its own compartment so I can immediately find exactly what I need. It also has a shoulder strap not just handle straps which can make a world of difference when you are carrying lots of organizing products.
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Top Four Organizing Products

Organizing Products

I was recently asked what are my favorite organizing products. This is a difficult question because my first response to that would be none. I would prefer my clients utilize what they have rather than spend money on products they don’t need.  However, there are certain items that I use almost every time I organize. You might be surprised that my number 1 favorite organizing product is … Continue reading