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Organizing your To-Do list

Have you ever had a to-do list so long you needed another list just to figure out what you were going to do off the first? I love walking into someone’s office/cubical and seeing all the post-it notes covering the walls and desk. Or the kitchen counter with the one list that includes everything: groceries, errands, reminders, even goals.

I recently came across an article discussing Thomas Edison’s to-do list from January 3, 1888.

Thomas Edison to do list

{Photo Credit: Rutgers}

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Birthday Calendar

birthday calendar

In honor of an important birthday for a family member, I thought I would remind those around me of other important dates.  Click on the birthday calendar for a free printable to help you remember those special dates. Enjoy!

Home Maintenance Calendar

Home Maintenance List
Whether you rent or own there is always some sense of responsibility in maintaining the space, whether vacuuming the carpet to inspecting the attic for adequate insulation. All of these acts require time and honestly wouldn’t you rather Continue reading