Top 5 least favorite organizing products

I get asked all the time about my favorite organizing products but I really don’t have that many ‘must haves’. I do however have products that I think tend to inhibit organization.

wire shelf problems

1) Wire Shelves – You could have a perfectly organized shelf but with the movement of one item everything could topple over. Or items could fall through the slats as in the picture above. And with Elfa requiring a wire shelf above all hanging rods, I find a lot of clothes with wire indentations due to being folded and placed on those shelves.

pony deco box

{Photo credit: Container Store}

2) Trendy Containers – Containers with flowers, geometric shapes, or images of the world look great when they are all stored together.  However when trends change and you need more containers or you move some older containers in with the new, you tend to get a very eclectic look. This can make a space look cluttered even when it is organized.

magic bullet

3) Small Kitchen appliances with multiple attachements – I confess I own a Baby Bullet and I really enjoy using it, however it takes up so much space; with its attachments, different size storing containers, and base. These types of appliances make my job difficult because they are so hard to store in the average kitchen.  I hope that the manufacturers realize this and either change the design to make it less spatially challenged or provide a container for storing all the pieces.

4) Cheap Labels – I know that label tape can be expensive but it makes a huge difference in how long the label adheres and how it looks over time.  I use Brother TZ label tape which I offer complimentary to all my clients.

5) QVC/HSN/Tuesday Mornings – I know I am shooting myself in the foot for any future sales with these companies however the amount of material that I have gone through that stems from these three vendors is prodigious!!! Think first before purchasing, know what you really need and where you might store it.

What are some items that you find decrease your organizing technique?


10 thoughts on “Top 5 least favorite organizing products

  1. Jean

    I agree with your love/hate kitchen attachment statement. I am the proud owner of a Ninja, complete with food processor, blender, and smoothie attachments. I use it every day, but oh the clutter! I have a shop-vac that makes the same problem in my garage. But if that were my only problem in the garage I’d be doing pretty well!

      1. Jean

        Ha! No, but I saw the stink bug traps in the store, and I thought, “Thank goodness! At least I don’t deal with that!” Sorry, I hope they leave, or die, or stop stinking, or whatever it is stink bugs do!

  2. TheELMLife

    I agree about small appliances. I have a Magic Bullet which I use everyday but there are so many pieces! I purchases an open-top bin from my local dollar store to contain it all. Now it sits nicely in my cupboard and I can access it easily.

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      I think that is what most people end up doing but the problem I tend to have is the container sizes don’t always match standard kitchen shelf sizes, or they tend to take up a lot more space than necessary. Thanks for the tip!

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  4. organizednowplease

    I find that buying containers that look cool without having a purpose in mind adds clutter. When I need a container, very rarely does one that I have fit the need. I also tend to loose the cover or forget where I put it. I feel that way with cardboard boxes as well.


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