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Quick Travel Tip

Airport Parking

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I love this tip submitted by an amazing friend and blog follower. The next time you travel, take a picture of your parked car.  Include signage or a landmark so that your spot is easily identifiable. This method beats using the car alarm to find your car after a long trip or just a long day.

I think this idea has many applications including giving visual directions to an event, creating a photo diary of your day, or just making shopping easier.

Great idea, thank you JC!

Would love to hear some of your travel tricks!

5 Sneaky Ways to Teach Your Children Organizational Habits

Wouldn’t it be nice if children were born having organizational skills? Your infant would fold their own laundry and set their timely sleeping/eating schedule to be the same everyday. While they aren’t born that way, I believe that most children can benefit from being taught organizational skills. Here are a few sneaky ways to help the whole family enjoy learning organizing habits.

Organizing children

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Organizing your Electronic Desktop: as easy as sorting your socks

Now is a great time for an annual review of your computer files since you will most likely access your computer due to tax preparation.  Is it difficult to find documents, pictures, or articles of interest? Here are some of my suggestions on how to clean up your desktop and document folders.
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Organizing your To-Do list

Have you ever had a to-do list so long you needed another list just to figure out what you were going to do off the first? I love walking into someone’s office/cubical and seeing all the post-it notes covering the walls and desk. Or the kitchen counter with the one list that includes everything: groceries, errands, reminders, even goals.

I recently came across an article discussing Thomas Edison’s to-do list from January 3, 1888.

Thomas Edison to do list

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