My 3 Favorite DIY Closet Systems


{Photo Credit: Closetmaid}

Whether for budget reasons or just the satisfaction of doing it yourself, there are many reasons to install your own closet system. There are a lot of different closet systems available to the consumer, here are a few of my favorites…

closet systems

Closetmaid is my go to DIY system, I’ve used it in many different projects. It is easy to put together and install, you can customize it to your needs, it is inexpensive, and it is normally readily available at your local Home Depot. There are a few different closet lines to choose from but I generally use the Selectives line. The above picture includes a 16″ starter unit with two 5″ and two 10″ drawers and shelving above the top closet rods. The cost for the entire system was ~$300.

pax system

PAX system by Ikea is a stand alone closet system that works well in homes that have small or no closets.  For a more detailed review check out Driven by Decor’s assessment of the Pax system.

elfa system

ELFA – I love the infinite possibilities that ELFA provides in terms of being able to shift around the components to customize the system as needs change. I do not love the ventilated shelves which are required above the clothing rods. They make a product to go over the wires however there are other systems that don’t make you purchase additional materials. I love using Elfa in office and craft rooms as a shelving system because you can move the components over time, you are not locked into a certain shelving height, and because there are no closet rods you can use wood shelving.

There are other systems on the market but these are my go to DIY closet systems. Do you have any favorites?

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6 thoughts on “My 3 Favorite DIY Closet Systems

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      🙂 Uniformity helps give the eye a place to rest, thus having the same type of hanger makes the space look nicer. I don’t make that a priority when organizing a closet, as long as the client knows what they have and where they have it, I leave the option of uniform hangers up to them and their budget.

  1. sandratidytime

    Reblogged this on It's Tidy Time! and commented:
    I’m obsessed with beautiful and organized closet solutions! Check out this great blog on Kristin’s top closet solution picks!

  2. kodamax enterprises

    Nice. Thanks for liking my Sagebrush Shutterbug page on WordPress! I’m a professional photographer and photograph models. My studio is brim full of wardrobe, jewelry, gloves, shoes and costumes. I’ve got hundreds, if not thousands, of items that I’ve been frantically trying to organize so I can find them quickly. Because the outfits are all different sizes, I wanted to put rings on the hangars so that I can tell the size without having to check the tag. Any ideas would be helpful. I’ve started looking for the rings that retail stores use on their clothing, but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Paul White, The Sagebrush Shutterbug 🙂

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      This might seem a little low tech but have you thought of using colored tape to denote different sizes. By color coding the sizes you don’t limit yourself to one type of hanger or tag. I would create an index for quick reference and put it on the wall so that anyone could see that red tape meant size 8, or blue tape size 6. Another alternative is to print your own tags . Hope this helps!


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