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Organizing your Child’s Artwork

The end of the school year is upon us and nothing says Welcome Summer like a huge amount of school activities and “presents” for Mom and Dad. The amount of items that each child brings home throughout the school year can be enough to take down any organization system. There are many different ways to organize your child’s papers and artwork but here are a few creative ways to display or use those items.

Digitized Fabric

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Preparing for Travel: Who else types up your pet care instructions?

I like to give my my clients who travel frequently an organized approach to preparing to leave. (Really I’m just jealous and want to live vicariously.) Below are a few suggestions for getting ready to travel.

travel Rodin

The Thinker, Musee de Rodin

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New Uses for Old Things: Kitchen Utensils

There are a lot of different uses for all the old cutlery that seems to be passed down, however I wanted to highlight some of ways to use them for organizing.

{photo credit: salvage shack}

{photo credit: salvage shack}

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Matter: (n) a substance that has mass and occupies space, (v) be of importance, have significance.


I always thought the definition of matter was so interesting in light of my job because so many of the things that seem to occupy our space are due to the amount of significance or value we place on them.

Whenever I speak or teach a class on the subject of organizing, one of the first topics is why, why are you wanting to organize, what is the end goal?  The reason I ask is because it really helps to know why, so you can figure out what you need to focus on and how you are going to get to the end goal.

It’s really easy to say but in reality sometimes understanding your own motivation is the hardest part of the process. So before you dig into another project step back and take stock of what really matters to you, it might make all the difference.


I have a confession, sometimes its difficult for me to find the energy needed to help my clients organize. Even with this blog I tend to question whether I am going anywhere or helping anyone. However, when I receive awards like the Dragon’s Loyalty Award from Once Upon the Wings of a Dragonfly, I am motivated and inspired to continue to help people live healthier, happier lives through organization. Continue reading