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Moving Beyond Perfection Paralysis

Perfection Paralysis: Organizing Better Solutions

It is always hard for me to receive phone calls from people who feel like they have failed. They feel defeated by the piles and disorder around them and the inability to change it.  One of the most common statements I hear, “I am an organized person but I can’t seem to get organized!”

Because of a desire to find the ultimate organizing solution, or use the best organizing technique, they end up doing nothing at all. I generally call this perfection paralysis. Continue reading

The Space between Belief and Action

Well Being + Decluttering Survey

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Research suggests that most people understand the correlation between decluttering and an improved mental state.  Studies have proven that organizing will help you feel better. Yet in a recent poll by Huffington Post, 47% of Americans worry about the organization of their home.  In another study 1 out of 4 people say they feel disorganized at work. So why do we stress over something we know will reduce stress?

I believe the difficulty doesn’t come from Continue reading

Bring on the Sunshine!

organizing inspiration flower

Weeds entangled, deprived of nutrients, in a cold and hostile environment yet this beauty can still shine.  I believe so many times we let our circumstances determine how we respond. Yet, imagine if we could react like this flower.  Letting growth occur in those discouraging times. Imagine how beautiful we could shine if instead of refusing change, we grow with it.

Let’s hear it for the sunshine!

Disclaimer: This photo was taken after an afternoon of weeding, and believe me, a lot of growth occurred.

Small Steps – Olympic Results


I love this commercial, showcasing life in reverse for amazing Olympic athletes.  Don’t you wish you had this ability to see what steps you might need to take to get you where you want to be? Continue reading

When to Hire a Professional

benefits of hiring a professional organizerI’ve recently had several conversations about the circumstances for hiring a professional organizer and found that Jessika Toothman’s article answers most of the big questions; what a professional offers, why the need, and how you would profit from their services.

At the very end of the article Jessika notes that she did not even know that professional organizing was a career but after researching this article she found that many people could benefit from the services an organizer offers.

Check out some of the benefits she lists …

{Benefits at Home}

Professional organizers can help around the home in loads of ways. They can:

  • Tackle a closet packed to the brim with questionable clothing ensembles and an army of shoes, restocking it in a way that makes sense
  • Address a playroom littered with toys that never seem to find the appropriate storage nooks and crannies
  • Assist with paperwork pileups scattered across desks, whether that’s a heap of unsorted bills, daunting tax forms or complicated estate planning Continue reading


motivational quote

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Motivational quotes are everywhere; on facebook, blogs, twitter, etc. I’m always looking for good quotes on planning and preparation but most are not necessarily helpful. This one above is cute but who wants to come up with 26 different plans and then have to execute them? Continue reading