It isn’t what you need…

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It isn’t what you need that will help you get organized, it’s what you need to do that will transform your space.

I was reading this organizing article on Apartment Therapy and laughing out loud because it is so true, I am so proud of myself when I am able to leave Target or Costco and stay under $100. There is just something about walking into those stores that immediately kicks me into browsing through items that I don’t really need. Add to that the pressure/guilt of the tasting stations and you have a perfect scenario for excess purchases.

The same goes for organizing supplies, with items claiming to revolutionize your garage or revitalize your kitchen it is easy to think that your organizing problems will disappear with purchase. There are lists after lists of items you have to have in order to be organized.

I am frequently asked for my favorite products and honestly besides my labeler and organizing supplies I don’t really have any absolute must haves. What I think you really need to get and stay organized is time and accountability. Give yourself even 15 minutes to sort through a stack of papers or empty a cabinet, and the results will really surprise you. The best way to make sure you actually get it done is to have someone keep you accountable. Post on facebook, blog with before and after photos, call a friend.

So before you purchase any organizational supplies, sort through and categorize the items that you need to store. This way you will know exactly what, if any, organizational products you might need to keep your items in order. I use the inexpensive cardboard boxes from office supply stores, to sort and help me visualize what materials might still be needed.

pantry organization
(Notice that very few organizing supplies were used to organize this pantry.)

Have you purchased organizing supplies only to realize later that they are part of the clutter? Or do you have any favorite organizing supplies?

18 thoughts on “It isn’t what you need…

  1. gaellebythesea

    I am about to transform a linen chest into a filing cabinet.2 metal rods, a bit of magic and this should provide a better use for that furniture, more adapted to our need and saves having to buy more filing cabinets. sometimes what you need is to look at what you have and think where you could use it better. you may find that some of the clutter disappear and you gt rid of excess things in the process (at least that’s the idea)

      1. gaellebythesea

        will do a blog with that and a lot of my “organising” of the house and plenty of pics of course. for now we are very much in the “before” phase!! you should see the mess but I am picking some of your tips on the way and hope to put a lot in practice. 🙂

  2. SimpLeigh Organized

    I call Target the $100 store!
    I can’t tell you how many times I tell clients not to buy anything until after we go through their items…I show up and they have all of these pretty containers that we don’t need! 🙂
    You are so right, organizing can be done without purchasing a lot of stuff.


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